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Blue flowering ground cover

Add hints of blue in your underplanting.
Ophiopogon japonica 'Nana'

Evergreen Groundcover shade

Ground cover planting for shade gardens.

Evergreen Shrubs - Low

Low hedges are useful to create edging and structure in a smaller garden.

Evergreen shrubs - Medium

Medium height evergreen shrubs to create structure in your garden.

Evergreen Shrubs - Tall

Create screening and shade with tall evergreen shrubs.
Spiraea japonica 'Gold Flame'

Flowering Shrubs

Bringing easy care interest to your garden flowering shrubs are having a revival.

Flowering Shrubs - Blues

It is very difficult to find true blue flowers.  Here the best we could find.
Spiraea japonica 'Gold Flame'

Flowering Shrubs - Reds and Pinks

Maroon red through to pale flowers.

Flowering Shrubs - Whites

An essential ingredient for a green foliage garden.
de Wit Spork

Garden Tools

The best in form and function.  Quality tools to make work light in your garden.


Platycerium bifurcatrum - the Elkhorn Fern




Feijoa sellowania


Platycerium bifurcatrum - the Elkhorn Fern

Indoor Gardens

Bringing the foliage indoors with hanging gardens and terrariums.
Ophiopogon japonica 'Nana'

Low Grasses

Low lying grasses to provide texture and ground cover.

Medium Grasses

Create ribbons or threads through your planting with these robust and reliable grasses.

Perennial - White medium

Very useful throughout a border medium height white flowered perennials.

Perennials - tall white flowering

A range of robust white flowering perennials.
Feijoa sellowania


Providing food and habitats for our crucial pollinators.
Feijoa sellowania


Shrubs for the New Zealand garden.

Shrubs for Autumn Colour - Orange

Unusual and interesting introduce orange to mark the autumnal change.


Bold and reliable autumn colour from these species.

Shrubs for Autumn Colour - Yellows

A classic look to link through your autumn garden.

Tall Grasses

Provide tactile structure throughout the garden

White flowering ground cover

White flowering ground cover for interest and weed suppression.